What is TronLegitGaming ?

TronLegitGaming will be a gaming site where players can play against each other using TLG tokens. The game will be a coinflip that offers a fair gaming experience for all players.

Where can I get TLG tokens ?

You can buy them by https://tronscan.org/#/token/TronLegitGaming/TYcxm6pvzCDa6ZfCYNTNYFWryCm47NNzfc or by depositing CS-GO skins that are credited with TLG tokens

Can CS-GO skins be purchased with TLG tokens?

Yes. CS-GO skins can be purchased directly with TLG tokens.

When is the site ready?

Of course, as soon as possible. We are trying to get the BETA version published no later than the end of the fundraiser, which is March 31, 2019.

What is TLG Token Value?

TLG tokens are in the fundraising step 1 TLG = 1 TRX. Later, TLG will be listed as DEX and it will determine the TLG token value. TLG tokens purchased with CS-GO skins will be tied to this